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Accommodation / Tenancy

In order to guarantee that safe possibilities are established to encourage, Just 4 Care seeks to offer high-quality care and accommodation support in addition to specialised accommodation alternatives and knowledgeable support employees.

  • more chances for community, social, and household activity engagement.
  • dependable connections and enduring friendships.
  • support for making decisions.
  • living with respect, decency, and common values.
  • activities that increase capacity and develop skills.

You may feel secure knowing you have access to care around-the-clock.

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Participants can benefit from Just 4 Care by receiving individualised support in achieving their unique tenancy and housing objectives, including removing obstacles that limit their ability to live in their current house or looking into and securing alternative accommodation.

  • With clients, create housing objectives
  • DHHS, agents, and owners should work together to identify obstacles to retaining at-risk leases.
  • Deciding on and putting in place methods to keep current renters
  • A search for an¬†alternate accommodation
  • Helping applicants submit applications for private rentals
  • Assisting with DHHS rental application processing
  • Assisting the participants in acquiring DHHS bond financing
  • Assistance with budgeting
  • Application coordination for Utility Assistance Grants and communication with utility providers
  • Moving towards independent dwelling using environmentally friendly methods