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Assist- Life Stage

Transitions such as moving out, starting school, or joining the employment must be experienced by everyone. On any level, it’s never simple, but it can be more difficult for those who have impairments. Getting used to a new location or setting can be difficult.

We understand that entering a new phase of life can be stressful for anybody, but it may be especially difficult if you have a handicap. We at Just 4 Care are specialists in helping NDIS members adjust to different life phases. Some transitional events, such as starting school, leaving home, landing their first job, or leaving the employment, leave their impact on a person’s life. With the appropriate preparation and support, we can assist you through life’s transitions and in achieving your goals.

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Our Life Stage Transition programme offers both short-term and long-term assistance, with a focus on helping you stay in your own home, get engaged in your community, and make care arrangements. When a person is going through a life change, common aid includes:

  • Effective coordination and connection abilities.
  • The capacity to improve current capabilities.
  • Having the capacity to care for oneself and lead a self-sufficient existence.
  • Approaches to Handling Crises and Conflicts.
  • Promote the growth of connections between participants that will be mutually beneficial.
  • Assistance in connecting to other beneficial area programmes and services.
  • Assistance with the application process and locating a place to reside.
  • Creating a daily plan and budget.
  • Fostering connections via socialising and mentorship.