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Assist Travel & Transport

At Just 4 Care, we support excellent living for all people, particularly the elderly and disabled. Our well-trained staff members make sure to give them the essential assistance in the form of travel assistance in Perth so they may travel freely to various locations. Our expert might be of assistance to you whether travelling to a nearby park, bank, retail centre, or medical appointment. We are always willing to go above and beyond to make you smile since we feel that a joyful mind is a key to excellent health.

helping with wheelchair

You may feel secure knowing you have access to care around-the-clock.

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We provide a variety of services that might keep you engaged in both your personal and professional lives. The top services are as follows:

  • assisting with social, economic, and everyday tasks.
  • visiting a neighbourhood mall.
  • aid for those who are able to operate a private automobile.
  • support for medical appointments.

Training in using public transportation or aid with personal transportation are further transportation services. In addition to ensuring that our clients can get where they need to go, we work to increase their independence when travelling. Based on the participant’s needs for support due to a handicap, such as:

  • wheelchair-related reduced mobility.
  • needs specific to travel.