We are here to support you in getting the most out of each day.

Going above and beyond, breaking barriers one day at a time and unlocking abilities in disabilities.

Daily Task / Shared Living

Just 4 Care is aware that maintaining one’s independence might occasionally seem impossible, but with your help, we can make it a reality.

Whether you are renting an apartment, living in a shared house, or in your own home, we can guarantee that we will help you create a strategy to help you reach living independently.


You may feel secure knowing you have access to care around-the-clock.

Contact us to book a private viewing or for more information.

Disabled mature woman

Our skilled personnel will assist you by:

  • Teaching you how to coexist with people and ensuring that you are capable of handling your domestic duties.
  • If you’re moving into your first apartment or shared space for the first time, we’ll even help you with the move.
  • Yet, the most essential thing is to educate you how to live independently and help you with fundamental everyday chores like getting ready for the day, making fresh, nutritional meals, and living life to the fullest.
  • Assist you in acquiring the abilities required to engage in social interactions and leisure activities.
  • Assist you in acquiring personal and life skills that will boost your independence.
  • Aid your carers in taking care of you.